Pasture dieback information session

15th & 16th Aug. Northside Produce, working in conjunction with industry leaders, are pleased to announce a potential breakthrough in the treatment of affected pasture, at all stages of the cycle. Interested parties are invited to attend a FREE information session to discuss the latest developments in the treatment of this condition and become involved with an appropriate management solution.
Pasture dieback
Copyright Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Wednesday 15th August

Rosedale Hall 9:00am
Young Aussie Hotel 3:30pm

Thursday 16th August

Gin Gin Show Grounds Hall 9:00am
Apple Tree Creek Hall 3:30pm

Registrations are essential for this free event, seating is limited so secure your place now.

Contact Northside Produce on 4151 5870 or email and

Pasture dieback is a poorly understood condition that causes limited growth and death of otherwise very productive pastures. The condition has been identified in a range of sown and native grasses across Queensland, causing large losses in production and is a major concern for grazing.

Along with reducing pasture growth, dieback makes grass unpalatable to cattle, and a range of weeds and unwanted plants often move in afterwards, causing erosion and the potential for pest outbreaks. While the condition has been largely coastal, there is evidence the dieback is moving south and west – researchers are unsure what is actually causing the condition.