2021 Food & Agribusiness Award

Rural Boss Bio Organic Fertiliser and GROW are the flagship product of Global Boss International (GBI) – our Research & Development and Training arm of our business.

GBI we were recently awarded the Sunshine Coast Business Awards – Food & Agribusiness Small Business Award.

It has not always been an easy journey over the past 11 years, particularly in the early years when soil health, long term sustainability, regenerative farming practices were generally looked down on as being part of some left field hippy concept.
2021 Food and Argibusiness Award

Thankfully times have changed and more farmers, commercial nurseries and home gardeners are looking to repair the quality of their soils damaged by excessive chemical use. They now understand the value of having a healthy microbial factory in the soil to reduce pest and disease issues while increasing yields and food quality and plant quality in general.

So well done to the GBI team and their manufacturing and distribution subsidiary – BOSS Aust Pty Ltd, the staff, resellers and agents and particularly the growers who have seen the light and understand the value of a products like Rural Boss and GROW.
Bring on the next 11 years

2021 Food & Agribusiness Award